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A $950 flat rate is available for non-trial tracked misdemeanors in Nassau and Suffolk County Long Island. 

Arrests - In New York City, Queens, Suffolk and Nassau County Long Island, a criminal law defendant is sometimes given a desk appearance ticket with a future date to return to court.  A desk appearance ticket is more of a possibility for a violation or misdemeanor than a felony charge.  Other criminal defendants are brought before a judge within 24 hours after an arrest where the judge will decide whether or not to fix bail on a case.  There are various factors that criminal lawyers can use to try persuade a judge to release a defendant without bail or to set a low bail.  A plea offer might immediately be made by the District Attorney.  In some instances your criminal lawyer may be able to get the case dismissed at the first appearance.  Usually future appearances are necessary while the defense lawyer and  District Attorney investigate the case.  Grand jury proceedings (for felony matters), motions to dismiss or suppress evidence, and pre-trial hearings may all occur before a case is ready for trial.  Although cases may be disposed of by a plea deal or a case may be dismissed, others go to trial.  It is the burden of a District Attorney in criminal cases to prove the violation,  misdemeanor or felony charges against a criminal defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is a very high burden of proof and it is entirely on the District Attorney.  Defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence.  This law firm takes the presumption of innocence very seriously and fights hard to defend the rights of its criminal law clients. 

If you stand accused, it is advisable to have an experienced criminal defense attorney represent you.  Reasonable flat or hourly rates are available for New York, Long Island (Queens, Nassau and Suffolk ), New York City and surrounding areas in the State of New York.  Competitive and reasonable flat or hourly rates are available.  Call for a free initial phone consultation about your violation, misdemeanor, felony, probation / parole violation or traffic infraction. Leave a message for a prompt return call. 

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