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New York State Penal Law Definitions: 

- Violation means an offense, other than a traffic infraction, for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of fifteen days can-not be imposed. 

- Misdemeanor means an offense, other than a "traffic infraction," for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of fifteen days may be imposed, but for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of one year cannot be imposed. 

- Felony means an offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of one year may be imposed. 

- Crime Means a misdemeanor or a felony. 

- Traffic Infraction means any offense defined as a "traffic infraction" by section one hundred fifty-five of the vehicle and traffic Law.  

Family Court Act defines juvenile delinquent to mean a person over seven and less than sixteen years of age, who, having committed an act that would constitute a crime if committed by an adult is either not criminally responsible for such conduct by reason of infancy, or is the defendant in an action ordered removed from a criminal court to the family court pursuant to article seven hundred twenty-five of the criminal procedure law.

Black's Law Dictionary Definitions:

- attorney:  A person who practices law; Lawyer.  Also termed attorney-at-law.

- child support:  Family law.  1.  A parent's legal obligation to contribute to the economic maintenance and education of a child.

- criminal lawyer:  A lawyer whose primary work is to represent criminal defendants.  This term is rarely if ever applied to prosecutors despite their integral involvement in the criminal-justice system. 

- custody - The care, control, and maintenance of a child awarded by a court to a relative, usu. one of the parents, in a divorce or separation proceeding. - Also termed legal custody.

- physical custody - The right to have the child live with the person awarded custody by the court. 

- divorce:  The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. - Also termed marital dissolution; dissolution of marriage.   

- holding Over:  A tenant's action in continuing to occupy the leased premises after the lease term has expired. 

- Nonpayment:  Failure to deliver money or other valuables, esp. when due, in discharge of an obligation. 

- lawyer:  One who is who is licensed to practice law.

- maintenance:  Financial support given by one person to another; esp., Alimony.

- landlord-tenant relationship:  The familiar legal relationship existing between the lessor and lessee of real estate

- parole:  The release of a prisoner from imprisonment before the full sentence has been served.  Although not available under some sentences, parole is usu. granted for good behavior on the condition that the parolee regularly report to a supervising officer for a specified period. 

- probation:  A court-imposed criminal sentence that, subject to stated conditions, releases a convicted person into the community instead of sending the criminal to jail or prison.

- separation - An arrangement whereby a husband and wife live apart from each other while remaining married, eith by mutual consent or by judicial decree; the act of carrying out such an arrangement. - Also termed legal separation; judicial separation.

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